‘Bleached No. 2’ Work in Progress

Our SALA theme was ‘Souled out’. I chose to tackle this from the environmental aspect and how humanity has sold out the Great Barrier Reef by the advancement of global warming, the rise in ocean temperatures and the subsequent bleaching of the corals. I was lucky enough to work as a ‘hostie’ on a number of dive boats during 1995. The coral was in great health back then. They were worried about the crown-of-thorns starfish, which was decimating some areas of coral but I can’t remember any discussions about global warming at that time.

I am hoping to return to the Great Barrier Reef with my family for my 5oth Birthday. I’m a little scared that I may spoil my memories of the pristine corals I had seen in my 20’s.

SALA 2017

For the whole month of August 6 pieces of my soft pastels artwork will be shown with 8 other Artists at Kuoni Creative, 212 Main Rd, Blackwood, SA 5051. If you fancy coming along to the opening evening and sharing a wine, nibbles and a chat with me and the other artists, please do so. Go to  https://www.facebook.com/events/1036982009772147/ and click ‘Going’. Hope to see you there. Angela X



How can you draw raindrops on roses without having ‘The Sound of Music’ on in the background. Please sing along and view my work in progress, which could easily be a quirky new advert for Parker Quink Ink!


Mercedes College Roses

I created a study of roses from some photographs taken one afternoon at Mercedes College. It had just rained and the sun that was managing to break through the clouds was catching each and every raindrop. In the last few weeks I have spent some time revisiting techniques and media that I haven’t used for a while. I have also been wanting  to create a rose fabric repeat and decided that if I created it in black ink and then scanned it, I could then change the colour to anything I really liked. Here is an example of the resulting fabric.



I hope you enjoyed my video.

Thank you for watching and reading,

Angela X


Play at the 11th hour on the 11th month, LEST WE FORGET……. A Tribute.

We remember all of those who have served or are serving in conflicts across the world. Thank you.

A special mention as always to my husband’s Granda Joe Joseph McGoran who died at the age of 93 after losing his right arm and leg in the battle of Monte Cassino, World War 2.  With love Angela, Steve, Josh and Tom XXX

PATTERN MAKING – How to be inspired by one solitary flower

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Ooh I do love a bit of pattern making! Sometimes all you need is one object to inspire you to create a multitude of motifs. I have spent the last couple of days creating a pattern of many flowers after looking at one single flower. I began by taking a photograph as this helps me define shapes and sample colours.

When you are bombarded with suggestions and other influences you just need to sit back and think what it is that makes you different. Embrace the way you work. Be authentic and original!
flower pattern-11
Succulent Flower Repeat


Using Adobe Illustrator I used the shape builder tool to find and create more shapes. It is a creative process which leads you to interesting and unexpected outcomes. I particularly wanted to create crisp, symmetrical patterns so I was constantly splitting and reflecting different aspects of my images. Once again I have used transparencies to build layers to enhance the tonal qualities within my work as well as smaller patterns for texture. This time I have also created Apparel in the form of leggings and all over print T shirts and as always I have designed with a multitude of surfaces in mind and manipulate the artwork to fit cushions, mugs, laptop cases etc.










My site has a promotion of FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE until 11th OCTOBER but you need to use this link to access FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE https://society6.com/angelamcgoran?promo=JR9KX2GZJTCN so maybe some designer leggings for you or for the girls in your family. The quilting market is huge so I wanted to create little blocks of flowers, which also work particularly well as duvet covers, stationery, cushions and pictures. I hope you enjoy seeing my work.

Thank you for looking and reading as always, Angela X


THE CUCKOO PINT CLUB – A Design For My Sister’s 50th

Margaret (Mum), Angela, Jeanette (under a bag), Maria (Birthday Girl)

For my sister’s 50th I wanted to do something special. I created a design based on our childhood club, The Cuckoo pint Club of which only us 3 sisters (Maria, Jeanette and Angela) were members. Mum was a major part of our New Forest holidays so as an honorary member she also received a celebratory tote bag. The design depicts some of the things that made our childhood club and holidays in the Forest so special – Looking through the swirling pools of water on the pond to see the newts doing their mating ritual surrounded by fungi, Cuckoo Pints and bracken.

Natural Models!
Charlie’s Angels – work it baby!
4 Limited edition Bags – On a blue strip near the top of the bag are the words,’Do you remember when Mum let down the tyres on those boys’ bikes for bashing up our camp.’ Now that was a memorable event. I think that’s where I get my ‘Don’t mess with my kids’ attitude from!
cuckoo blog-01
Unfortunately this pattern is not for sale – a one off for my family.
When we were kids we used to go caravanning at Setthorns in the New Forest. http://www.campingintheforest.co.uk/england/new-forest/setthorns-campsite
To make the most of our time we created a club called The Cuckoo Pint Club. We would each make a club booklet and fill it with activities, maps and drawings of all the things we did. We would make up names for special wooded areas or trees and bogs – Daddy’s Island, The Aeroplane Tree and The Jam Bog spring to mind. We made camps from sticks and bracken, swept out by brooms fashioned from more sticks, bracken and string.  Our love of nature was at the heart of this club and we sketched and documented all the new flowers, trees, birds, animals and fungi that we found. In the following years my mum continued to share her love of the forest with not only her grandchildren but our friends, cousins and friends’ children. So Happy Birthday Maria and I hope you all enjoy using your unique bags!

Mum with my boys and Steve
They've just received their bags....Aaaah
They’ve just received their bags….Aaaah
Thank you to Steve for being the photographer and to all of you for looking and reading
Angela X

The Vertical Garden!

We have all seen the new craze of vertical planting for a way of creating a living feature wall or just as a space saving idea for the courtyard garden. I was walking the dog to a friend’s house this morning and was reminded how innovative nature is. The vertical garden is nothing new and has been going on in front of our very eyes for thousands of years. It also made me think how amazing a palm tree’s trunk would be if it was filled with bromeliads and other succulents. It could look stunning! IMG_0615


Come and join in the festivities!

Angela McGoran launch-06

Today we launch the beginning of a new and exciting platform for artists to showcase their work with the art agents of the world. I just happen to one of many artists and agents who have jumped aboard in the hope of widening their professional circle and furthering their art career. The website  has also created a buzzing community of like-minded creatives who just love to share their work, dreams and expertise with one another. Thank you to Cherish Flieder and the team for making this possible! Wish me well! Angela X art-licensing-show-dark-rectangle-ribbon-500