PATTERN MAKING – How to be inspired by one solitary flower

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Ooh I do love a bit of pattern making! Sometimes all you need is one object to inspire you to create a multitude of motifs. I have spent the last couple of days creating a pattern of many flowers after looking at one single flower. I began by taking a photograph as this helps me define shapes and sample colours.

When you are bombarded with suggestions and other influences you just need to sit back and think what it is that makes you different. Embrace the way you work. Be authentic and original!
flower pattern-11
Succulent Flower Repeat


Using Adobe Illustrator I used the shape builder tool to find and create more shapes. It is a creative process which leads you to interesting and unexpected outcomes. I particularly wanted to create crisp, symmetrical patterns so I was constantly splitting and reflecting different aspects of my images. Once again I have used transparencies to build layers to enhance the tonal qualities within my work as well as smaller patterns for texture. This time I have also created Apparel in the form of leggings and all over print T shirts and as always I have designed with a multitude of surfaces in mind and manipulate the artwork to fit cushions, mugs, laptop cases etc.










My site has a promotion of FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE until 11th OCTOBER but you need to use this link to access FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE so maybe some designer leggings for you or for the girls in your family. The quilting market is huge so I wanted to create little blocks of flowers, which also work particularly well as duvet covers, stationery, cushions and pictures. I hope you enjoy seeing my work.

Thank you for looking and reading as always, Angela X


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