THE CUCKOO PINT CLUB – A Design For My Sister’s 50th

Margaret (Mum), Angela, Jeanette (under a bag), Maria (Birthday Girl)

For my sister’s 50th I wanted to do something special. I created a design based on our childhood club, The Cuckoo pint Club of which only us 3 sisters (Maria, Jeanette and Angela) were members. Mum was a major part of our New Forest holidays so as an honorary member she also received a celebratory tote bag. The design depicts some of the things that made our childhood club and holidays in the Forest so special – Looking through the swirling pools of water on the pond to see the newts doing their mating ritual surrounded by fungi, Cuckoo Pints and bracken.

Natural Models!
Charlie’s Angels – work it baby!
4 Limited edition Bags – On a blue strip near the top of the bag are the words,’Do you remember when Mum let down the tyres on those boys’ bikes for bashing up our camp.’ Now that was a memorable event. I think that’s where I get my ‘Don’t mess with my kids’ attitude from!
cuckoo blog-01
Unfortunately this pattern is not for sale – a one off for my family.
When we were kids we used to go caravanning at Setthorns in the New Forest.
To make the most of our time we created a club called The Cuckoo Pint Club. We would each make a club booklet and fill it with activities, maps and drawings of all the things we did. We would make up names for special wooded areas or trees and bogs – Daddy’s Island, The Aeroplane Tree and The Jam Bog spring to mind. We made camps from sticks and bracken, swept out by brooms fashioned from more sticks, bracken and string.  Our love of nature was at the heart of this club and we sketched and documented all the new flowers, trees, birds, animals and fungi that we found. In the following years my mum continued to share her love of the forest with not only her grandchildren but our friends, cousins and friends’ children. So Happy Birthday Maria and I hope you all enjoy using your unique bags!

Mum with my boys and Steve
They've just received their bags....Aaaah
They’ve just received their bags….Aaaah
Thank you to Steve for being the photographer and to all of you for looking and reading
Angela X

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