Living in Adelaide’s suburbs of South Australia, we are extremely fortunate to be just a stone’s throw from one of the world’s greatest wine regions. I have created a map to show some of my favourites.

The 3 people depicted are Justin McNamee from Samuel’s Gorge, Velvet (the Coriole Cellar Door Manager) and Peter Maddox (artist and owner of Bella Cosa). Before creating my map I stopped in and had a friendly chat to Di at Serafino and also with Janet at S.C. Pannell on a whirlwind refresher tour, in readiness for my project. A mad week of cutting felt followed. Why felt, you ask? I kept thinking of a map to play with and had the idea of Fuzzy Felt. I made felt pictures of all my favourite wineries and then tried to find a way to contain them and make the map element work. My left hand was very sore for days…some kind of scissor cramp!

To understand my artwork you need to understand what these wineries mean to me. In essence they are a wonderful place to visit with family and friends. The only problem we ever have is deciding who is going to be the designated driver!

Maxwell Wines – -The Winery Dog Book, Olive and Sophie (the 2 dogs). Mead, Large wooden chairs, honey, great restaurant, nice coffee, Silver Hammer Shiraz!

Coriole – – Cheese, olives, Chenin Blanc wine, great food, amazing garden, friendly cellar door service, views across the valley.

S. C. Pannell – Beautiful setting for all occasions including weddings, newly renovated, friendly staff, new tapas style menu, Great BBQ area at the back, double tent shaped sun-shades over the tables, flag poles.

Bella Cosa  – -Where wine, sangria and art flow! Peter Maddox – Owner and artist who took the time to sit with my boys and draw at the table with them. Friendly, interesting, a place where you can through the conifers amongst the sculptures, witness some mad wedding festivities and games, an amazing place!

Serafino – – Great restaurant – amazing steaks, great wines, Weddings, romance and conferences, geese, comfortable cellar door, sofas and interesting books, friendly and helpful staff, fountain, beautiful setting by the lake.

Samuel’s Gorge – – Picnics with my family whilst trying out their wines, their beloved dogs, bees in the clover (I was stung one year!), large glasses of red wine, quirky toilets in an old shed, the lean-to barn, straw bales, magnificent view, historical memorabilia, Justin and his awesome hair and chilled, fun loving approach to life and wine.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my work. The artwork is available as prints or for licensing (individual wineries or as a whole).

Bye for now. Watch out McLaren Vale, I will be visiting you all again very soon!

Angela X


Wine glass cutting
Cutting a wine glass for Serafino


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