“Who wants to play, cowboys and In-di-ans?” we chanted as kids in the school yard. Putting our arms around each others shoulders,striding around the playground until we’d gathered enough people to play a game and then the school bell would ring. Ah those were the days……


Hmmmm cowboy/cowgirl rodeo!!! I am completely at ease designing fabrics for baby apparel but I have to say I wasn’t overly keen on the subject choice. I know that I would enjoy making patterns around the theme of Native American Indians so that was where I started. I researched teepees, Indian clothing and beadwork. It was the images of cowgirls and cowboys that I fought against creating. Not being one to throw in the towel I gave it my all and created a cowgirl and cowboy from the teepee design, which had been created in cut paper and scanned.

Obviously some of these projects are set to make you move out of your comfort zone and see what you can create when stretched. Believe me, I felt stretched. I took my colour palette from the recent Freedom catalogue – Spring/summer collection 2014 (click on ‘View Catalogue Online’ and it is the 3rd page down).   http://www.freedom.com.au/catalogue/   You need an Australian zip code  to see this page so type in 5000 (Adelaide) and you will see it. The colours are clean and fresh and reminded me of a sleep suit, my son Josh had as baby, with circular motifs on it. I decided that with the pink, I would be better suited designing this particular garment for a girl and the coordinating fabrics could also be used for boys. As ever the colour options are not set in stone, nor are the arrangement of the icons. I was particularly pleased with my feathers and my ability to turn this project around in only a few days.

I hope you enjoy seeing how I work under pressure…..Cowboys and cowgirls indeed!

Thank you for looking and reading as always,

Angela x

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