Having enrolled for another intensive Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells course, we hit the ground running by designing a Holiday themed greetings card for the Paper Market, inspired by penguins and igloos. This is not the first time that I have tackled this subject matter, however, I was happy to go with it as I knew that my approach to this would be different than at the beginning of the year. I began as usual by researching the topics and going Google crazy. There are so many types of penguins in this world. What is it about baby penguins, though, that is so adorable? Ok…so they are fluffy and cute and have gorgeous facial features, so a little pencil sketch was definitely in order.


Next came the Macaroni Penguins: a species of crested penguins. I created quite a harsh pencil sketch of this penguin with lots of hard line work.


I always fight against doing cute and my work is not quirky. So I decided to create quite graphic, globular characters, which would also translate well in the Gift Market (should any manufacturers like to contact me for licensing!!) I actually had a lot of fun making my mum, dad, and the two kids in their Norwegian inspired jumpers. Although, loosely based around my own family, I paid particular attention to making the children androgenous, to fit in with more families. In my preliminary art work I also created a baby pink one with ‘baby apparel’ in mind….All the different colour possibilities would also be great for the Bolt Fabric Market too and for quilters or even as Easter eggs or chocolate eggs in foil designs on a Christmas tree. Give me one task and I try to make it suit all possibilities. I have already sent this design off to the printers so watch this space!

penguin website-04

fbblog2-05 fbblog2-04

Another project is due tomorrow so I have a lot of other jobs to do in the meantime, so I will need to cut this short. I hope you like my penguin family, the igloo, trees and the little toys that the children are clutching. I hate to say it but it is only 59 days until Christmas Day. If you are interesting in buying some special cards for your family and friends, please contact via my ‘Contact’ page and I’ll be sure to get back to you a.s.a.p.

Thank you for looking and reading as always,

Angela x

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