Lilla Rogers – Global Talent Search 2014 (GTS)


It’s competition time and I’m in!

On Wednesday 5th August I shall be putting myself on the line with hundreds of other designers by entering Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2014. Not only is this a vehicle to showcase my artwork and creativity but for the winner there are some amazing prizes on offer. To name but a few; you receive 2 years representation by Lilla Rogers Studio (as if that isn’t enough), you will also be offered private consultations with top art editors, your own fabric collection and a home décor line with amazing companies. This is a dream and would be truly amazing!

Please check out the following link which gives you all the information about the contest, judges and prizes.

#globaltalentsearch @lillarogers

I have really enjoyed being back amongst like-minded, creative people. My work has gone from strength to strength and I have learnt so much throughout my journey. I can’t wait for GTS to begin and receive the email for a new brief. It is just like when you were a child and you are waiting excitedly on your birthday for the postman to deliver your cards. I love the challenge and I can’t wait to start making and putting my twist on a new theme.

Creating art for people to enjoy is not a passing fad, it is what I want to do for the rest of my life and I am investing far more than just time and money into making it happen.

Please support me and with any luck and lots of hard work, inspiration and determination I shall make it through to the top 50 and have the pleasure of creating yet another piece of art that hopefully the prestigious judging panel will love.

Thank you for looking and reading as always….and watch this space!

Angela x


6 thoughts on “Lilla Rogers – Global Talent Search 2014 (GTS)

  1. Yay! It’s going to be loads of fun! I hope I can find an Internet connection to look on the day (though that’s also my eldest’s birthday, so I should probably leave until she’s in bed, so as to keep the attention on her).


  2. Good luck Angela! I am entering too, daunting but excited … just changing track myself and trying to break into the word of surface pattern design so I am learning new tools, creating and trying to move forward all at the same time!! any advice/tips greatly appreciated!! Crazy but a great journey is going to unfold .. you just have to believe! Look forward to seeing your work!


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