July – Farewell Bootcamp – Hello GTS (Global Talent Search)!

Bootcamp and Drinkies!


‘Fancy a Coffee?’ 

Being ‘Dry July’ (an Australian alcohol free month for charity) my husband and I thought we’d test our resolve. It’s had its moments but so far so good. This did, however, test my skills in painting or drawing things other than wine! The task was to make a piece of wall art which was personal, either for you or someone else. I ended up giving it a slightly different twist. What piece of my art would I like to see, if I was sitting in a coffee shop and could this piece of art be transformed into other markets such as the fabric or paper? Although Lilla asked us to take the commercial aspect out of the equation, it is a personal goal for me to really make art that sells – so I’m letting myself off and Lilla does love art that sells!

I went round and round in circles for a while with different media – sketching, digital, line art, tissue paper layers, acrylics and water colours but finally ended up with a mixed media piece. I tend to think of Adobe Illustrator as just a great collage maker, where you can easily mould and refine your work. It is still such a fascinating and useful tool.

blog july-03

Look at the colour that comes out of an iris flower!

blog july-01

Tissue paper collage

Coffee Time!

If you’re painting coffee, why not use coffee? I had a lot of fun making coffee paint. You need boiling water to paint with (which is unusual) and mixing coffee and acrylic was a first, as was shaking hot chocolate over the top – fantastic! I found it quite refreshing to actually be doing the right thing by dipping my paintbrush into my coffee cup. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve washed my brush out in my tea by mistake! What I really enjoyed about this stage of making was that I had no idea what I was going to end up with. It was purely experimental, but became quite a feature of my finished piece. You have to laugh!

blog july-02

Coffee painting!

Lilla’s Surprise!

Ever month, Lilla would give us a little extra task to try and achieve. This month was completely different and unrelated to our Main Assignment. We were encouraged to paint on pebbles and have a go at some DIY nail art! I like to be different so I combined the two.

Painting pebbles is something that most of us have done as a child so I headed to the beach with my two boys to continue the tradition. With this exercise, I abandoned the notion of trying to create an amazing work of art. I was merely playing as a child would with paint. In the midst of this creative outburst, my neighbour, Bob (who has just turned 70) popped over to pick my husband’s brains about iPod cables. He was somewhat taken aback to see me painting my right hand orange and a rather childish painting on a rock. I tried to explain what I was doing. He laughed making a comment about ‘mad creative types’ and I had to agree, I did look as though I’d lost the plot! My husband then had the task of photographing my orange hand against the orange paper. The nail art was created using the nail varnish colours that I had. The red, blue and white for Australia day celebrations and bright orange, which I bought to go with a dress I bought last year. I created a little white mouse in some autumn leaves under a fly agaric toadstool. Lucky for me I have incredible long, strong nails, which meant lots of room to play with.The rock stands up on its end and has a ledge running through it as though a path. This reminded me of the hill we climbed, to a fort at Mount Gambier. The weather was particularly changeable – one minute rain, then sun and rainbows. A lovely memory of my two boys holding umbrellas, which are still quite a novelty for them. Don’t judge me on this piece of work or my career will be in tatters! I thought I’d share this though as it’s good to not take yourself too seriously!

blog july-04

What’s next?

Bootcamp and MATS A with Lilla Rogers has catapulted me into a new and exciting world and I shall be forever grateful to all involved. I am entering Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search, which begins on the 5th August, but more about that in my next blog!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the mad things that I have shared with you this month and apologise for not showing you some new floral designs that unfortunately I need keep up my sleeves for future clients. Perhaps you’ll see them in the shops one day!

Thank you again for reading and looking.

Watch this space!

Angela x


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