June – Confidence and Consolidation

May and June have been months in which I have felt my confidence grow. I am not phased by new briefs or turns they may take and know that I have more than enough time to complete them. I am creating a few bespoke designs for friends, to adorn their houses, choosing colours and designs to suit their environment. I have had very positive feedback about the design and quality of my items from http://www.society6.com/angelamcgoran/ and many have forwarded photographs of my new products in situ. What I lack in money from these purchases I make up for in a huge amount of satisfaction, so keep buying. New items to be added shortly!

Lilla Rogers MATS Bootcamp

This month is all things nautical. We began by creating ships in bottles and our Main Assignment is a piece of nautical wall art. I had great ideas of creating a very sophisticated, subtle piece including textures of rope, driftwood and beach combing items, however, I ended up with a mad hermit crab! As I said to a fellow Bootcamper, ‘I can do subtle another time’.

This theme came just at the right time. My family and I will soon be going to stay in a beachside holiday home in Robe, South Australia. As I browsed for a suitable property I was struck by the art and surface pattern design in the houses; bedding, wall art, cushions, curtains, objects and more. It was clear that this would be a huge market to tap into. With this in mind I shall walk you through how I came to do ‘Signor Hermi’. I always try to come up with an original concept. I guess it’s the designer in me. I tossed a few phrases around and came up with ‘Mi casa su casa.’ If you haven’t heard this before I’d be surprised, but it basically means, my house is your house or my home is your home. This seemed very appropriate for short term, beach side holiday lets. I then thought about how I could best portray this within a beach/nautical theme and remembered how the hermit crab moves into a new home in the form of discarded shells. Most hermit crabs are fairly drab in colour, however, I stumbled across an electric blue crab – just google ‘calcinus elegans’. He really is an amazingly beautiful crab. From this little fellow I created Signor Hermi. Although he is created in my preferred media, I would not say that it is my usual style. As I was adding his legs he just evolved and took on a character that had a coral coloured moustache! Who am I to prevent his existence? So here he is. I can just imagine a small picture of Signor Hermi above a desk in the hallway of a beachside holiday let and a visitors book with his image on the front cover, making everyone who stays feel at home.



Well June isn’t over yet.

My to do list…. I must upload all my past work and send it to clients. I don’t want my work just sitting here. I want to see it out there! If anyone has a long list of potential client addresses, please feel free to pass them on! In the mean time I will keep creating and spending time with my wonderful family and friends. I may even do some housework. Steve can only live in hope!

Once again thank you for looking and reading, especially my loyal followers and fellow artist friends who continue to be there when needed.

Angela X



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