Week 5 – Gift – Lilla Rogers MATS (Make Art That Sells)

Hyper-lush zipper pouch!


Oh what a week! Unfortunately my week was a bit of a sad one. On the Tuesday, Steve and I attended our neighbour’s funeral and on the Wednesday Coco’s 7 month old kitten, who we gave to one of our good friends, was run over by a car. So sad for us and sad for them. I also had a few visits to the chiropractor and taught Art on Thursday and Friday, fighting through some pretty horrible headaches. Why did I have headaches? Self-inflicted bad posture at the computer and not moving for hours on end for the 4 weeks of MATS Part A. I have learnt my lesson! I am standing up writing this with my screen raised on boxes for fear of it happening again.

In the midst of headaches I had to find some collections for the mini. It was clear that Lilla wanted us to connect with the things that we love so that this personal joy would influence our work. Having emigrated to Australia and being a bit of a minimalist at heart (by the way don’t look in my cupboards), collections aren’t something I tend to have. I had a think and a rummage and came back with my stamp albums and some old bottles form the UK. It ended up being a bit of a nostalgia trip, once again. I had a look on the British Mail website and it was pretty clear that I couldn’t use any aspect of their stamps in my work, so I left that to one side. However, I did spend hours looking through them and researching some of the older ones on the internet. Some really gorgeous and interesting stamps and lettering.

I am always collecting nature in one way or another. I often beach comb for shells or gather flowers, pods and leaves, especially gum nuts and their flowers, which come in such amazing colours. I began to think of collections, not as items that you kept necessarily, but as things that you treasure, hence the title ‘Cherish’. In Lilla’s brief she showed many examples of hyper-lush that are currently in the marketplace. I picked up on her wanting our artwork to be ‘full’, using the reflected, inkblot effect, which I have seen used in ladies fashion. Time was not on my side as really only had Friday night to Sunday to work on this piece, so I had to get cracking.

I use photography a lot in my work and I absolutely love making silhouettes from interesting objects such as the dried poppy heads. So my cherished photographs of my old bottles, gum tree flowers, poppies, gerberas, shells and my little, black cat Coco, who always dives into my shots, all found a place in my super full, intensely coloured, hyper-lush zipper pouch.

I was so proud, when I discovered that Lilla had included my work in this week’s review in a ‘Super-lush’ section, in which some of us loaded our artwork full of imagery and colour. To quote her, she said,’Really great job, there’.

That is good enough for me and I will continue with an extra spring in my step.

Have a great week everyone and thank you once again for reading and looking. I shall be going through my artwork and begin adding to some online shops very soon. So if you have any favourites, please let me know!

Angela X




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