Week 4 – Wall Art /Canvas Collage- Lilla Rogers MATS (Make Art That Sells)

Water lily Collage – Wall art

Easter holidays and I have hardly spent any time with my children. What shall I do? I know, I shall combine preparing for my wall art assignment with a day out to Adelaide City to seek out everything to do with my next brief: Wall art, yellow and blue (as these were my given colours), vintage and fabric shops and plants because I love them!

So off went to look for yellow and blue objects, 2nd hand and vintage shops, antique booksellers, wall art and a trip to the Botanical Gardens topped off by lunch in MacDonald’s to make it feel like a day out for my 2. Yes, you have to make a plan of attack to get your own way!

IMGA0022 2 IMGA0035 IMGA0015 IMGA0064 IMGA0036


I came home with lots of photos and inspiration and having spent a lovely day with my children, so a win-win!

The Mini this week was to gather odds and ends in your colours, with some neutrals in readiness for the Main Assignment. I gathered beads, ribbons, a $10 note, stones, leaves, Tom’s Ironman top, one of my degree pots and other odds and ends.


The Main Assignment brief came very quickly and was to create a collaged canvas using the specific colours given to match your star sign. A word or quote should also be added and you must had to combine something from your  Mini. Paint was also required so after numerous attempts at combining my watercolours with my work, I only used one part, which has been combined as if a print in a fabric.  I scanned in the beads, turquoise stones and ribbons that I had previously gathered for the mini exercise. One of my aims was to add more texture to my rather graphic style and these elements certainly did the trick. I took my inspiration of the water lilies from the Botanical Gardens and embarked on the creative process.


This week has been truly memorable. It was the first time I have cried over making something that I, personally, really loved. I had gone through the moments of hell when nothing fitted together and then, out of nowhere, everything started to gel.  You don’t know why or how but it eventually just happens. A first for me. I mentioned this to one of my fellow artists on the MATS Facebook group, wondering if this was normal or perhaps just hormones? A very quick response came, “It’s called being an artist!”  I felt as though this must be part of the initiation ceremony for true greatness.

Well I am happy to have moments of greatness and moments of doubt and every other emotion if it allows me to follow my dream, which s to make art that sells. We had to place a word or quote in our art work, needless to say, mine was ‘Emotional’.  I secreted it amongst the layers as it is rather embarrassing and I felt that it detracted from my final piece.

I really feel that home decor, wall art and fabric in any guise is my natural calling. Hence why I then designed about 20 cushion covers to go with 2 more canvases. I am on the threshold of opening an online shop, which some may consider a little early, but as I say, “In for a penny, in for a pound,’ and perhaps even a few dollars!

blue-art Brown-art pink-art blue-lilycupcushion watercolour-cushion blue-lilycushion brown-lily-cushion

I shall continue to learn, grow and change with the creative process. I am often scared that my work is not like anyone else’s on our e-course: too graphic, too minimalistic, not painterly enough, too commercial…. but I just have to remind myself that I can only make art that is truly me, that makes me happy, in the hope that it may make others happy too!

Thank you for for following my incredible journey,

Angela X


2 thoughts on “Week 4 – Wall Art /Canvas Collage- Lilla Rogers MATS (Make Art That Sells)

    1. Thanks, Sarah! It won’t be long. Next month I hope to start making more and selling, now that I have some work behind me and the speed and creativity to carry on with Bootcamp and pursue more personal projects. I’m still learning and loving it. Angela x


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