Week 3 – Childrens Picture Books – Lilla Rogers MATS (Make Art That Sells)

Final book cover

This week showed the true talents of some amazing book illustrators. Our brief was to create a front cover or a 2 page spread for the story, ‘The Fox and the Crow,’ by Aesop. The best way to start was obviously to read the story and see how it made you feel about the characters.

The short story is about a male fox who flatters a female crow who is carrying a piece of cheese in her mouth. The fox flatters the crow about her feathers and by asking to hear her beautiful voice. The crow begins to sing and  the fox achieves his goal in gaining the cheese. The moral of the story being, that you shouldn’t trust flatterers!

I felt that this fox needed to be a little edgy and I drew a lot of foxes to evolve a character that I was happy with.  He became a fox with dead rabbit tattoos much to the delight of our visitors from the UK who watched the process, with all its ups and downs over the course of 3 days.Fox trials

 This was always going to be a tricky week for me, so I used this time to experiment more with watercolours and photoshop. I also had a go at hand lettering and although it may not be as well executed or as beautiful as some of my peers, I felt that it would definitely appeal to a child, (especially if my two were anything to go by).

Very cheesy lettering!


The crow was painted in black ink and the feathers were line drawings and vectorised. I would like to do more feathers with different patterns on them at some stage.

My crow with her beautiful feathers in her hat

Steve’s cousin Hannah and her boyfriend, Ian were over from the UK and staying with us for a very short time in Adelaide. We did, however, manage to see Ian’s amazing photography (I would definitely give his website a closer look at IGRPhoto.co.uk). One of the scenes that really stood out for me was an evening shot of the skyline of chimney pots from his flat in Leeds. We had a little arty collaboration, in that I was able to download his picture and add this inspiration to my scene, which had I not seen, would probably have been something entirely different.

 Leeds inspired chimney pot urban backdrop

So tonight I await the next project – Wall Art. This is one that I have been looking forward to. It will definitely stretch my abilities and test me just that little bit more. This is a truly amazing journey.

Thank you for looking and reading as always,

Angela X


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