Week 2 – Home Decor – Lilla Rogers MATS (Make Art That Sells)


Succulents & Dandelions  I absolutely love what I am doing!



This week it was all about making home decor from succulents imagery. I absolutely adore succulents from a gardening perspective, especially in Adelaide’s climate. I began the week exploring watercolour images and collage with paint swatches from the local Bunnings (an Australian hardware store). I could spend all day looking at paint swatches, but time was of the essence so I grabbed a good handful to work with of different colour schemes. Bunnings is a great shop as they sell plants too, so I went out to the gardening area and took some photos of their succulents, including bromeliads. I left having not spent a cent. All in the name of research!



I spent two days playing with paint and textures but once agin I felt the need to simplify the imagery. I like simple design and uncluttered imagery. That is probably why my house is essentially an IKEA showroom. 



I really enjoyed making the bromeliad collage. The technique of cutting out the water-colour tissue paper appealed because it gave the petals that crisp edge, which I like, so that was a way of adding texture to my work that I will probably try again in the future. As I continued it became clear that I really love working with fine drawing pens and simplifying the succulents down to their bare essentials. It is almost a formula. I juggled icons on the plate surface but nothing was looking right.

That evening I had two glasses of wine and watched a film. I think that just doing something else was what I needed to gain some clarity. After the film I wrote out a plan of action for Friday and went to bed feeling positive.

Friday’s Plan



Red – Kalanchoe, green – Sedum and bue – Senecio designs

Add dandelion seed for an extra little something.

My designs must work in any colour

Plates will look fabulous from any angle


On Friday I stuck to my plan. My work flowed and I was really pleased with results. So my advice to anyone out there who is having a moment of doubt is to move away from the project and chill out. Do something that requires very little thought and then return to your ideas with a fresh eye.


Hope you like my plates. I would love to have them in my home.  I can see these designs in an array of different colours and across a wide variety of other home decor lines. I can already see them beautifully packaged and on display in a leading department store…..What about you?


Thank you for looking and reading, as ever,

Angela X

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