Week 1 – Bolt Fabric – Lilla Rogers MATS (Make Art That Sells)






My first submission to MATS Part A

The fruitful Cook

medium final bolt fabric-01


A closer look at some of my icons.


icons for MATS -06 icons for MATS -08 icons for MATS -09 icons for MATS -07

Well, another busy week in my quest to make a living out of my art and design. This week we have been given the task of designing a bolt fabric around the theme of Pyrex and tropical fruit. Bolt fabric is one of the markets that I am most interested in as I would love to see my fabrics used in peoples homes and other environments. The first few days are about freeing yourself up and being creative, pushing the norms, but also trying to hone in on what is unique to you. I made a very conscious decision not to look at the work of others until I had pretty much finished. In this way I was able to absorb the essence of Lilla’s advice and ensure that the art I created was in no way influenced by another’s design.

I began on Wednesday morning with a trip to the shops to buy some exotic fruit. I came home with a pomegranate, half a pawpaw, a coconut and a pineapple.  It was instinctive to take close up photos.

pawpaw-skin pawpaw banana-surface coconut-bowl pineapple-cats wood-pile pomegranate


I also coated the pineapple and coconut in black ink as a mark making exercise. The colour of the flesh on the pawpaw  and the pomegranate juice was incredible. So much so that I even painted a little motif with the vibrant pink pomegranate juice.IMG_20140401_111942IMGA0082

Next I printed with some cork tiles. Unfortunately I could only buy really thick cork floor tiles and I nearly broke my hands cutting them! However, they didn’t get the better of me and I used them in my final piece.


I picked up on the fact that Lilla likes you to put as much detail as possible into your icons, so all my casserole dishes are packed with intricate drawings. These can be used in coordinates or other designs at a later date. I really enjoyed researching old Pyrex and  fruit bowls, which again reminded me of my childhood.

The icons were then brought to life with the magic of Illustrator. I began by working out a variety of shapes and sizes and then working out a colour scheme. It is important for me to make icons that will work in any colour. A great design will look good in any colour.  I also used my coconut and wood photos for two fruit bowls that could have been made in those materials.

I used bright colours in the first instance and then changed them to give my work a more retro feel. From start to finish it took me about 4 days.

I have a day of rest before I apply myself to the new project. I am slowly becoming better at managing my time and fitting in the important things such as food, family, paperwork and exercise.

Tuesday evening we will be embarking on home furnishings.

See you the other side!

Thank you for reading and looking as always. I hope you like my efforts!

Angela X

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