Jelly Bouquet – Lilla Rogers MATS Bootcamp – March Assignment

Hi Everyone,

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My work is on Page 3.  I really like the other colour ways that I have created and further coodinates. I hope you do too.  Pics first and blog about my journey at the end!

March Gallery Submission

More colour combinations and coordinates.


Initial jellies


Wow, what a ride. I have spent an entire month in Jellyland!


In our first week, our Mini Assignment was to draw all things ‘Jello’. The following week we were asked to turn our work into a bolt fabric for an apron design. A later addition was to play with neutral colours. I have hopefully put all 3 things together, after a few dead ends or moments of jelly madness.


Having made numerous brightly coloured, translucent jellies with the fruit and their flowers, I came to an uncomfortable stop. I just didn’t think that they looked good as a bolt fabric. They were too detailed and didn’t ‘gel’ well together (if you excuse the pun). I knew that I liked my icons inside the jellies so there was nothing left to do but deconstruct them. It was almost as though I was on MasterChef and had to rework a traditional recipe and come up with something new. Well, it worked. I am really happy with my fruit jelly florals. I really wanted some jelly shapes in my fabric too, so I repeated some of my early jelly drawing into rounds, with the jelly shapes becoming petals. I tried various colour palettes along the way. Quite by accident, I discovered how to sample my own acrylic painting and add this to a new neutrals design as shown on the ‘Lilla’s Surprise’ piece.


On 31st March we begin MATS Part A. I am sure that a large number of my fellow Bootcampers will be joining me. I can’t believe how much I have learnt already, mostly through trial and error. I had a few tricky moments such as when I reduced all my fruit in size and they became spiky urchins!  Quite a few hours later and I had managed to solve the problem.


As always any feed back would be greatly appreciated. If you can’t do this on my blog, please add this to my Facebook page.


Thanks again for supporting me on my ‘Journey with Design’.


Angela X

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