70’s geometrics



In amongst my jelly images I had a bit of a retro flashback. Jellies remind me of my mum. I’m probably not alone there. She used to make jellies with canned fruit – raspberries in raspberry jelly, mandarins in orange jelly and fruit cocktail in just about every variety. She also used to make the most amazing trifles and her mocha rum trifle was to die for. This got me thinking about our kitchen and the new 70’s house in which I lived (until about the age of 8). Mum loved her tidy 70’s house. Lots of bold colours – turquoise, mustard, coral red, purple, yellow. So I thought I have a go at designing some 70’s geometric patterns – wallpaper and bolt fabrics. This may not be everybody’s cup of tea. I wonder what you’ll make of them?



3 thoughts on “70’s geometrics

  1. I love your wallpaper designs, especially the avocado, mustard and chocolate one!! It’s begging to be used on a big tray! Reading about your Mum’s nice tidy 70’s house and what food you could remember from then, I also could remember, from my childhood in the UK, those little jelly-imprisoned fruit cocktails served up in round Tupperware dishes all the colours of the rainbow. We had a kitchen with white chairs that had coral orange and rose flowery PVC-fabric-coated seat pads and day-glo chopping boards. In our lounge we had a really “trippy” patterned carpet with a turquoise, aqua and mustard circles-meet-naïve-flowers design. We used to hop from circle to circle as though they were patterned lily pads on a jade-coloured pond. When Top of the Pops was on, we’d tuck the bottom front hem into the neckline of our white kiddie vests and then we’d twirl around on the carpet circles and pretend we were extra go-go’s in Pan’s People!! Does this all sound a bit familiar? Yes, Sis – it’s me…last Christmas I had a go at making mocha rum trifle (though no packets of Angel Delight were ‘harmed in the process’) in individual glasses – they also were to die for!! – good news was they could even be frozen and defrosted fine!

    Back to your design ideas, though, they are all really lovely!! I especially love the cats and lilies you’ve done since, especially the lined cats on the grey background – you’ve really captured their movement and the way they hold themselves mid-arch (in so few lines) – they’re brilliant and I’m no cat lover, as you know. Weirdly I feel really proud of you – more like a maternal sort of proud that a sisterly sort?

    You must break into designs for home baking, too, as that seems to be the new rock and roll over here, at least. Mary Berry certainly appears to be more popular than Rhianna at the moment! Your little Eskimo woman and her penguin and killer whales are lovely too – really clever! They would be lovely on beach gear, bags, swimwear and kids’ rubber rings, armbands and baby floats…will shut up now, but think it’s all really imaginative and extremely professionally executed with all the co-ordinating designs giving it real scope to work in the interiors market. Don’t stop creating and am very glad to hear that Steve is keeping you topped up with tea in spite of your claim that he’s had no decent home-cooked dinners recently. xxx


    1. Gosh that really took me back. We had some really fun times, didn’t we. I had a major block on the plate designs this week but after I ignored everything that everyone told me to do, I did my own thing and am really pleased with it. Sometimes you just have to follow you instincts!


      1. Glad you liked the comment as think you’re doing some really lovely work! Looking forward to seeing your floral plate too. 🙂 M x

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