What a learning curve!

Basic RGB

Well it is the 21st February 2014 and my first submission for MATS Bootcamp has been uploaded to the Class Gallery.  Not only have I found my way around Illustrator but I have also begun to learn a few techniques with Photoshop.  I have been thrust into a world of amazing artists, from all over the world and have created more artwork in the last 2 weeks than I have in several years! Therefore, joining the MATS Bootcamp has already put me on course to  achieve my goals.

Our initial brief was to look at cuckoo clocks, especially the pine cones, clock face, cuckoo and the house.  There were some incredible drawings of cuckoo clocks but I wanted to do something a little different. Trying to look at the ideas with a fresh eye, I began to draw pine cones and realised the scales were just like those of fish. One thing led to another and my house became an igloo, my cuckoo a penguin, the clock face a snowflake with Eskimo spears for the hands and I threw in a Russian doll Eskimo woman and some killer whales for good measure.

Basic RGB

All my motifs were hand drawn in pen and then scanned and traced into Adobe Illustrator.  The most pleasurable part of this software is your ability to chop and change colours at the click of a mouse.  Even if you are the most restrained person with colour you can’t help but be in awe of the endless colour combinations.

The final brief was to create a cell phone cover with the motifs that were created in the first half of the assignment.  Although my phone case is a little busy in design, I took this as my chance to showcase my drawings to any possible interested parties.

Basic RGB Basic RGB

Lilla and Beth both shared their colour trends, along the way and I was pleased to see that I had already been using  a good few colours from this palette.  This week I have continued to sketch and play with ideas and make further cell phone case designs.

Once the MATS Class Gallery opens on the 25th February, I will share a few more of my ideas.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read and look!

Angela X

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