Another very busy week


It’s been a long time since I stayed up so late, just because I’m having so much fun!

I am very pleased to say that I have all but finished the Illustrator online tutorial (skipping a few bits, here and there, that I thought I could get away with). I have to say that Justin Seeley should be very pleased with his online tutorial. The great thing is that you can pause the tutorial as you go along and try out the tools and techniques on his exercise files. I also found that this translates well, to my own work and I can always go back for a refresher course, when needed. If you are thinking that you might like to try Illustrator, then I would definitely give this a go.

See link:

This week I concentrated on practising my Illustrator skills by transforming photographs into designs. I was so pleased with my scabious design that I immediately put it on Facebook for all to see.


Some positive feedback has continued to spur me on and I am preparing for the start of Lilla Rogers’ Bootcamp, which starts in only 12 days time. I am obviously both excited and daunted about this prospect.

See link:

Having updated my office space to a more workable, creative one, I went to Officeworks to buy some new materials. The girl behind the counter was intrigued by all the pastels, paints and boxes and asked what I would be doing. I  gave her my web address, so hopefully she will have a look!  And a very nice girl she was too.

Since my aim is to have my work seen and carve a new career, I applied for a new ABN and began thinking about my design identity. I have spent a few days breaking down a design logo.  I wanted it to say something about my style, whilst not being too fussy, but giving some information about a direction my work may take. Since it is still early days, I want to stay open to new ideas, styles and media but this does at least show where I have come from. Throughout my design life I have enjoyed the simplicity of cut-outs, collage, silhouettes and layers, positive and negative images with accents of other media. I have tried to encapsulate this in my logo. After various, very different attempts I have narrowed it down to this final image. Image

 Anyone who knows me will be surprised that it is neither black nor green!

Here is a design swatch that I have been playing with. The original artwork was a silhouette of a gumnuts on a branch. In the process of learning Illustrator I tried out the transformation and rotations along with layers and patterns and here are the results.

swatch final

Well the next step is to start painting and playing with all the media I have.

I should also say a quick thank you to Steve who has not had very exciting dinners or a very clean house. Ooh that was nice, he just asked me if I wanted another cup of tea.

I promise to make him a tasty dinner tonight!

Thank you for reading and looking as usual.

Angela X

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