Always on the look out

You never know what is going to jump out and inspire you, so it is always a good idea to have your camera or sketch book at the ready. I find that a camera is often the easiest way to capture shape and details quickly. On our trip to Coomunga on the Eyre Peninsula I was constantly taking photos. Some were very much holiday snaps and others were as a visual record for design ideas to use when I returned home.

Over a beer at the front of their huge property, Steve was chatting to Bill about why I was taking so many pictures of trees, flowers and clothes lines!Image

Bill had also noticed that I had spotted their very large sunflowers. Since I haven’t yet had time to play with Photoshop, I wondered what would happen in Illustrator. I have spent a few hours sorting one of these design pages out, refreshing my skills at the same time. It seemed only right that I should show them how my photos from their property can transform into designs.


I think these would make lovely fabric prints for home decor or wall art. What do you think?

Thank you to Bill and Elaine for the inspiration and also to my readers for taking the time to be interested.

Angela X

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