It’s all go!

Well Christmas has been and gone and so has New Year. As I said in my last blog, I would have a go with the Quality Street wrappers. After some seriously dangerous Boxing Day punch I was inspired to use the brightly coloured cellophane as an overlay on my ink drawings of fruit sections.


A bacon sandwich was also on the menu that day and I merrily immortalised this in pink and yellow wrappers.


During a fabulous picnic day out, my friend and I sketched numerous objects. My philosophy is that you can give me any subject matter and show me anything and I will be able to create an image. From the usual gum nuts, grasses, plantains and shadows that fell on the white paper I also homed in on Mark’s thongs and our sandals.


A great day!

Oh, and forgot to say….I now have Illustrator and Photoshop and have been happily working through an online course and I am pleased to say that it all seems to be going in. We decided to use Steve’s Mac to save some pennies and the upshot of that is that we have finally bought some cabinets to display my degree work. Just hoping the cats, dog and kids keep away!


Thank you for reading and have an amazing New Year!

Angela x

4 thoughts on “It’s all go!

  1. Happy New Year to you buddy! Glad to see you have the pens going and lovely to see the pots on display. Now inspired by you I will try and pick up a brush that doesn’t involve walls, windows or any form of woodwork to paint in 2014! Though with a whole tin of Roses here, trying to avoid looking at, going to put in a cupboard, may go for a stain glass collage should I eat them!!!! xx


    1. Good for you, Ros. I know just how many walls and doors you must have done by now. Not always the most interesting of tasks apart from the satisfaction of a newly rollered wall, once the painful cutting in has been completed! It was amazing how many helpful people came out of the woodwork when I said I needed Quality Street wrappers. They were just eating them one after the other. I suggest this method if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to try and keep your waistband from expanding. Please post your stained glass collage. I find that if I have mentioned it on a blog or FB that I then actually do it. Good luck oh arty one. xx


  2. hi angela. lovely to see what you are up to. didn’t realise you did art and design at college. you are inspiring me to do a blog too! will look forward to seeing your progress. What are your plans with it or are you just seeing where it takes you?
    Happy new year to you all x x


    1. Hi Libbi, I would really like to see my designs on different surfaces such as plates, cards, home furnishings and fabrics, even prints and clothing. Very, very early days though. I am just so glad that I have actually begun and am enjoying it. It was definitely the first drawing in the sketch book which was the hardest. Now I’m just enjoying the fact that I can go into Illustrator already and create things that resemble my original thoughts. Photoshop will be a while off as I really want to practice using Illustrator and keep drawing/creating images. Good luck with your blog. I was quite proud that I had set it up myself too. So if I can do it you can! It will be another good way to stay in touch. I’m pleased that in being inspired by my friend that it has passed onto you and Ros. Happy blogging!


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