And then there were poppies!


As an avid gardener it seemed perfectly fitting to start with a radish. This year I managed to grow some pretty good specimens. So the next stage was obvious I would invade my veggie patch and garden for inspiration. It very much fitted in with the HTTP://DOWHATYOUWANTFORLIFE.COMNYR philosophy. And by the way, I did find time to go through the 2014 practical kit. I wasn’t very surprised by my answers and thoughts as I am pretty clear about the direction I am going in. I can only hope that I am still open to suggestions and not too structured.

Anyway, I thought I would dig up another radish and begin the sketchpad that the Ingrams bought me. It was a bit daunting…that first page! Steve and the boys also bought 3 other sketchpads with numerous pens and pencils, so off I went. I took some pics, tried doing the leaves and moved onto the cucumber. I love seeing the seeds of plants and the shapes of seed pods. I cut, drew and took photos. I always used to take photos and photocopies and it all started coming back to me. I saw the dried poppy seed heads and thought, “Now that’s a must!” Cutting, slicing and drawing, taking photos at different angles, seeds emptying onto the surface of the board. That was when I went in to get some coloured paper.

Out of nowhere (as it quite often does in Adelaide) it began to tip down with rain. As I moved indoors it was dark and any photos that I took would have been useless, so I turned on the 3 spots over the bench top. And then it happened – the layers of shadows picking out the silhouette in double and triplicate took me back to the idea of more recent water colour, masking fluid, layered pictures and the numerous coloured photocopies and inlaid clay designs that I used to do with fish and cacti. I am already thinking of the beautiful transparent layers that I know can be done on Illustrator and Photoshop. It will also be time to crack open the paints, tissue paper and cellophane. Perhaps I’ll just wait until we’ve open the Quality Street tin!

I have already rediscovered an element which I love and it has definitely inspired me to do more.

Thank you rain!

And thank you for reading X

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